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Here are some client feedback comments

"Thank you for your help & support. Your understanding has been invaluable, as well as your clarity & wise words! Thank you."

"I have really enjoyed the sessions... the scariest bit was contacting you in the first place and then making my first proper appointment. Up to then I could still kid myself I didn't really need counselling, after all I'm a strong woman, why would I? So if anyone out there is thinking counselling is a sign of weakness, think again. Facing up to things is never easy and it takes strength to say 'enough, I'm going to deal with this."

"Thank you... it's been so helpful to learn about mindfulness and to find ways to practice which have truly been life-changing."

"I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. That one day very soon I can close this very long and painful chapter of my life."

"Thank you! Always approachable & I learned a great deal."

"I really enjoyed the course. I have had a lot of therapy over the years but have never engaged in anything like this. I felt really understood and supported."

"It has enabled me to unravel my thoughts & emotions and given me ways to work through them. It has been a key part in helping me to get all the bad, negative feelings out in the open so I could move forward."

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